Psychic workshops

Ginny aims to facilitate psychic workshops held on a monthly basis from July 2018

Sessions will run on the first Sunday of each month - times 10am to 1pm venue Desborough, Northamptonshire.

Dates are as listed below:

1st July, 5th Aug, 2nd Sept, 7th Oct, 4th Nov, 2nd Dec 2018

Fee £25 per session - a £10 deposit will be payable for each session in advance.

Themes covered over the coming months include: 

Sensing energy, the energy field, the art of psychometry (reading peoples energy and reading objects)
Grounding/protection/Calling in spirit energies, using divining rods and pendulums to locate energies/channelling/connecting with the spirit world via photographs
Colour reading & sensing auras
Remote viewing & mirror scrying
Channelling spirit energies/automatic writing/drawing
The art of healing/chakras/energy anatomy 
Table tilting & glass divination
Developing mediumistic skills and abilities
The art of Intuitive oracle card reading

Please complete the contact form below with any questions and to register your interest. 

One to one tuition

For people who cannot attend group sessions Ginny offers one to one tuition. Sessions are available via face to face or Skype. The duration of each session is 60 minutes - Fee £35.

Please complete the form below with any questions and to register your interest.

Clairvoyant - Empath - Intuitive Visionary

Ginny studied with the Arthur Findlay College Stansted Hall for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. She continued further development mentored by reputable professional Mediums and went on to study parapsychology. Her skills and insight have enabled her to enlighten people and present information to provide people with choices in life and presented evidence of an afterlife.


Psychic events 

Psychic consultations offer insight and information about probabilities and can provide guidance and clarity to assist in personal growth. Spiritual Medium consultations provide a form of bridge to the spiritual realm and can provide guidance.

Consultations are by appointment only - Face to face, Skype sessions, email or telephone readings offered

Prices: £30 for 30 mins, £45 for 45 mins, £60 for 60 mins. Consultations are recorded.

Please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to register your interest.


Consultations are private and confidential therefore Ginny will not discuss your information with a third party.

Professional conduct:

Ginny is very dedicated to her work and maintains the highest levels of honesty and integrity following the Mediumship Code of Conduct.

Ginny cannot guarantee you will have a connection with a specific loved one in spirit, she will however ensure she does her very best to provide validation of an afterlife.

Ginny will aim to ensure that you have the best possible experience and receive helpful guidance during your session.

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