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Psychic & Self development courses

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Ginny facilitates psychic & self development courses held on a monthly basis.

Sessions run on the first Sunday of each month times 10am to 1pm venue Desborough, Northamptonshire.

Fee £25 per session payable in advance no later than 7 days prior to the course date.

Themes covered over the coming months include:

2nd December 2018: Seeing & sensing auras, interpreting the colours in the aura PLACES AVAILABLE

6th January 2019: Learn the art of Intuitive oracle card reading

3rd February 2019: Learn how to improve your wealth, health, career prospects and relationships using Feng Shui

3rd March 2019: Healing sick houses. Sometimes energy in our homes can cause us to feel unsettled, feeling fatigued even ill. Discover how geopathic stress and ley lines can cause disturbance in your home. Learn different techniques to settle the energy in your home and bring about a sense of calm.

7th April 2019: An introduction to using emotional freedom therapy (tapping meridians)

5th May 2019: Discover the many benefits of introducing colour into your life. Colour has many healing benefits and can improve your sense of well-being. Discover why you are drawn to certain colours. 

2nd June 2019: Discover the many benefits of using crystals & how to apply a basic chakra layout for self healing.

7th July 2019: Discover your past lives through guided meditation.

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