Spiritual Medium & Psychic Consultant


Psychic consultations offer insight and information about probabilities and can provide guidance and clarity to assist in personal growth.

Spiritual Medium consultations provide a form of bridge 

to the spiritual realm and can provide guidance. 

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Consultations are by appointment only

Face to face, Skype sessions, email or telephone readings offered - Appointments available 

Prices: £30 for 30 mins or £45 for 50 mins

Readings for you and 2 guests - Just arrange for a maximum of 3 people and Ginny will visit you. (Northamptonshire only) 

Email Ginny to book your group readings.


Consultations are private and confidential therefore Ginny will not discuss your information with a third party.

Professional conduct

 Ginny is very dedicated to her work and maintains the highest levels of honesty and integrity following the Mediumship Code of Conduct. 

Ginny cannot guarantee you will have a connection with a specific loved one in spirit, she will however ensure she does her very best to provide validation of an afterlife.

Ginny will aim to ensure that you have the best possible experience and receive helpful guidance during your session.

Sensing the spirit realm from an early age

Ginny has enjoyed a varied career including counselling, mental health social work, lecturer and trainer in dementia care, inspector & regulator of hospitals and care homes. Being able to balance her work along with raising a family with her husband and undertaking spiritual and holistic work has at times been a juggling act but very rewarding.

Being able to sense the spirit realm has been a way of life since being a small child. From the age of four Ginny realised she was able to see things that others couldn't. At the age of nine, her pony died. She was naturally upset but that night she became aware of the pony standing as large as life in her bedroom. She was so excited by the vision she ran through to her parents room to tell them her pony was standing in her bedroom. Her mother tried to convince her that it was just her imagination and her mind playing tricks on her due to feeling very upset. The pony was a regular visitor making a presence for months to follow. Ginny would often declare to her parents how she could see strangers standing in her room and would describe the image of an old man sitting on her bed. Her mother would plead with her not to share her stories at school. Looking back now it was a reasonable and understandable request.

During her teenage years Ginny found herself sharing accurate predictions with people and at times feeling overwhelmed by the amount of spirit visitors frequenting the family home. Countless times she would enter her house to discover it full of strangers. She described how they would make themselves at home and stay for days. Her parents not realising they were sharing their home with the spirit world would complain about lights flickering, light bulbs blowing, and unexplained cold draughts even in the summer months! Ginny recalled at the age of 16 sharing her worry about the spirit visitors and their constant chatter with her grandfather. He was very supportive and totally understood her concern. He told her she had a wonderful ability and not to feel afraid. He told her that one day this ability would be sought after by others. He recommended she requested they respect her space and allow her peace and quiet. He advised she read a book titled 'Voices in my ear' by Doris Stokes. Ginny was so taken with the book it inspired her to explore her ability and not be afraid of it. 

In her mid 20's she agreed to accompany a friend to a psychic workshop. Her intention was to purely support her friend who was curious but nervous about psychic development. Eight years later Ginny was still a regular participant in the psychic development group. She had discovered like-minded folk who were ordinary people going about their everyday lives sharing a similar interest. Ginny attended a number of Medium/psychic development courses at the Arthur Findlay College Stansted Hall for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. Ginny continued further professional development over the following years mentored by reputable Mediums and went on to study parapsychology. 

Now in her 50's Ginny has come some way to perfecting her craft. Her experience and skills as a psychic Medium have enabled her to enlighten people, present information to provide people with choices in life and presented evidence of an afterlife. 

Ginny has had the privilege of teaching and mentoring many individuals who have gone on to sharing their skills and abilities with others. Ginny continues to facilitate workshops and Mediumship development groups.  If you are interested in attending a development group, feel free to get in touch. 

Consultations - The information presented is intended as guidance only and not instruction.  No guarantees are implied or stated. You must be 18 years or 

older to receive a consultation, and to make a purchase.  The consultation is not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care.  

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